Centre for Applied South Asian Studies (CASAS)

Copyright policy

Unless otherwise indicated, copyright in the all text and graphics images in the papers and presentations that can be found in the On-Line Papers and On-Line presentations sections of this site are retained by their author or authors.

That means that you may not re-publish the contents of any of this material in whole or in part (except in the course of routine scholarly comment and discussion) in print, on a CD, on another website or in any other electronic format, unless you have been granted specific permission to do so by the author.

However we are all keen to see our work read by the widest possible audience.

Hence you are free to download any or all of the documents (they are in Acrobat.pdf Format) and to view any of the Presentations (you will need IE 6 to do so), to print them out, to circulate them to your friends and colleagues, and to tell your friends and colleagues that they too can download this material from the CASAS website.